LeFebvre Law PLLC

LeFebvre Law PLLC


Corps, LLCs and Partnership Creation

LeFebvre Law, PLLC advises our small business clients on the most advantageous business entity for their individual business goals and guides them through the formation of their business entities, including: corporations, LLCs, and partnerships. Once you’re off the ground LeFebvre Law can provide general counsel advice at just a phone call away.

    • Incorporating Business
      • Forming a LLC/LLP
      • Incorporating Corporations
      • Partnership Agreements
      • Articles of Incorporation
      • Obtaining Federal EIN Number
      • Joint Venture Agreements
    • Business Management Agreements
      • Corporate Bylaws
      • Corporate Minutes
      • Shareholder Agreements
      • Operating Agreements
    • Business Dissolution
      • Dissolution Agreements
      • Stock Sale Agreements
      • Buy Sell Agreements
      • Aquisition of a Business
      • Sale of a Business