LeFebvre Law PLLC

LeFebvre Law PLLC

Commercial Debt Collection

LeFebvre Law practices in the areas of commercial debt collection litigation and the enforcement of creditors’ rights. We know how important it is for a small business to get paid, and we aggressively pursue your rights. You can count on the persistence and tenacity of LeFebvre Law.

Our debt collection services include:

  • Protecting Creditor’s Interests
    • Promissory Notes
    • Personal Guarantee
    • Credit Agreement
    • Confession of Judgment
  • Collecting on a Debt (goods sold/service rendered, arrears..)
    • Demand Letter & Negotiation of Debt
    • Mechanics liens and other issues involving liens of various types;
    • Debt Settlement Agreement
    • Bank Subpoenas
  • Breach of Contract Litigation.

Protecting Creditor’s Rights

We know how important it is to get paid for goods sold and delivered or services rendered. When entering an agreement, there are measures your business can take can protect your rights as a creditor. Let LeFebvre Law advise you on the steps you can take to protect your business interests and avoid costly litigation.

Commercial Debt Collections

LeFebvre Law represents clients in a variety of types of commercial debt collection matters, including litigation to collect debts owed under loan agreements, negotiable instruments, promissory notes, goods sold and delivered, and goods sold on open accounts or arising out of secured transactions. We pursue actions seeking judgments against business owners and third parties on personal guaranties of corporate debts when applicable.

Debts for Goods Sold and Delivered

LeFebvre Law represents clients looking to recover debts owed by those who have ordered goods or services and received them, but have failed to pay for them. This would be a lawsuit seeking damages for goods sold and delivered and can be an effective way to recover the money that you are owed.