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Employee Handbook

Employment Law Uncategorized August 19, 2015

Employee Handbooks Overview

Employee Handbooks – An Overview As a small business owner, you may want to consider creating an employee handbook if you have more than a few employees. This prudent decision allows for consistency in information among your workforce, clearly states the expectations you have of your employees (as well as what they might expect from […]


Employment Law July 16, 2015

Unpaid Internships

Unpaid Interns Many people, especially in my own profession of law, utilize college students or graduate students looking to gain experience in lieu of pay as unpaid interns. These businesses give the student an opportunity to get hands-on, real world experience and the business gets a little help around the office without the burden of […]


When to Hire a Debt Collection Attorney

When to Consider Hiring a Debt Collection Attorney As any small business owner is aware, getting paid for goods provided or services rendered is essential to keeping your business running. But all too often, people and businesses fail to meet their obligations. So what does a small business owner do when those clients fail to […]

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Futurism Space Law May 23, 2015

Space Law – Property Rights in Outer Space

The commercial space industry was recently given a gift by the U.S. House of Representatives in the form of the SPACE Act. This bill is imperfect and a bit of a wishlist for the industry, limiting their liability in big ways and prohibiting just about any real safety regulation for the next decade by the […]


Employment Law May 18, 2015

Independent Contractor Versus Employee

The primary reason a small business owner would prefer to utilize an independent contractor rather than hire an employee is to cut down on expenses, especially the tax burden. An employer’s tax liability is contingent upon the status of their workers. When a worker is classified as an employee, the employer must pay certain taxes, […]


Employment Law May 14, 2015

Picking An Entity – Considerations for the Small Business Owner

We tend to form entities for small businesses, and as such, the choice generally boils down to whether to form an S Corp or an LLC. There are certainly other entities, but these are the two that usually meet the needs of the small business owner and will be our focus here today. When you […]


Mechanic’s Liens, Trust Diversion And Getting Paid As a Contractor

The Construction Industry runs on credit, and often that means a contractor, sub-contractor or materialman or supplier will find they are not getting paid after services rendered and/or goods provided. Luckily, there are options specifically for this industry to help get you paid. As a contractor, there are certain specific legal tools just for that […]